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Eyelash Perms

What is a lash perm?

Eyelash Perms


Tired of straight lashes?

Why do we curl our lashes?
People with curly lashes will not understand. People with straight lash know all to well.

Using an eyelash curler creates a curl to the eyelashes. A process we did every morning until now.

Reasons for using eyelash curlers:

1) Create a wide open and less tired appearance.
2) Create the illusion of having more lashes. Visually we can see more of the eyelashes when they are curled giving the appearance of fuller looking set of lashes.
3) In some instances it helps with your vision. (not looking thru lashes)

Lash Perms are a semi permanent beauty procedure that creates a curl in your natural lashes that will last for the life of the eyelash. The lifespan of a single eyelash is 90 days or 3 months. Gradually we shed lashes and replenish them every 90 days. Eyelash perming will keep a lasting curl all the way thru the life of the eyelash. The natural process of shedding old lashes and regrowing new fresh straight eyelashes, means this service can be preformed again and again.

Lash Perms are generally re-serviced about every 2 months.

The Lash Perm service takes around 30 minutes And costs £35 Patch test required at least 24 hrs prior to treatment